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In online marketing, search engine optimization (also known as SEO) is writing, designing, and coding your entire site so that it is likely that your site will appear on the first page of search engine results for your chosen keywords and key phrases. This is often done through the use of search engine optimization techniques or strategies. Search engine optimization has become one of the most important aspects of online marketing and all online businesses. With this in mind, many online marketers have asked questions concerning what are some frequently asked questions about search engine optimization and SEO.

One of the most frequently asked questions concerning search engine optimization is how to get your site listed on Google’s local listings. Although Google started listing local listings for keywords long before they introduced local search functionality on Google Search, they have since increased the importance of local listings for searching on Google Search. In fact, Google has even stated that more than 70% of their search engine traffic comes from local searches.

The most common questions about search engine optimization and SEO include how to create doorway pages for your site. doorway pages are simply web pages that mimic the appearance of a real live web page. For example, if you were writing a blog entry about dog training, you would not use the term “dog” several times without providing a link to a dog training informational site. This is the same principle used by most major search engines to determine where your web page will rank within their search results.


Most of the time, the rules of major search engines and local businesses remain the same. However, over the past few years, the rules have been modified by Google to favor organic search results more often than not. This means that in order to get ranked with the first organic result, you will likely have to do more than just create a “home” site.

Creating a web presence is essential to search engines, especially in local search. The only way a person can find you is to conduct keyword searches and see what pops up. In essence, this means that you want to be found by people who will actually open and view your website, and Google recognizes this by increasing your ranking in their search engines.

Other questions that are frequently asked about search engine optimization include how to get ranked with the major search engines, what to include in your website in order to make it attractive to potential customers, how much extra SEO (search engine optimization) work should be done, and how to create a “sitemap” links. The first question is easy. You don’t need to do any extra work. All you need to do is provide your web address, as well as any other information pertinent to the content of your website. The second question may be more difficult.

The first question most frequently asked about search engine optimization is why it is so important to get ranked at or above the first page of search results. The simple answer is that people will do whatever they can to be listed at the top. If your site does not appear on the first page of search results, then it will be nearly impossible for you to ever sell products or services to potential customers who rely on checking your company’s reputation to see if the want to do business with you. Conversely, appearing on the first page will cost you absolutely nothing if you happen to be a good seller with a great product.

The second most frequently asked question about search engine optimization is how to create doorway pages that will help your site rise in the search results. The simple answer again is to provide quality content and to create high quality links that direct potential customers to your site. The more effort that you put into search engine optimization, the more money that you will make online.

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