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Spartanburg Upper Cervical Chiropractic

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Eggs Up Grill - Simpsonville, SC

Liberty Bridge - Grenville, SC

The Benefits of a Virtual Tour for your
Home or Business

In today’s digital age, virtual tours are becoming an essential part of the marketing strategy for almost every businesses or real estate sale across various industries. From real estate to retail, and from educational institutions to tourist attractions, virtual tours offer a unique way to engage potential customers and clients by providing them with a comprehensive and immersive experience of a location or facility from the comfort of their own homes. Virtual tours can revolutionize business operations, enhance customer engagement, and boost sales.

What is a Virtual Tour?

A virtual tour is an interactive simulation of an existing location, typically composed of a series of 360 videos or still 360 photos. It may also use other multimedia elements such as sound effects, music, narration, and text. It gives users the ability to move or “walk” through the space and view it from multiple angles, creating an experience that closely mimics physically being there.

Benefits of a Virtual Tours for your Business

1. Enhanced Customer Engagement

Virtual tours significantly boost customer engagement. Customers can explore spaces and amenities in detail at their own pace, which can help them make informed decisions. For businesses, this level of interaction translates into longer website visit times, increased interest in their offerings, and ultimately, a higher conversion rate.

2. Increased Accessibility

Virtual tours make your home or business accessible to a national and global audience 24/7. Regardless of geographical and physical barriers, anyone with internet access can visit your location virtually. This feature is particularly beneficial for businesses like museums, historical sites, and real estate properties, expanding their market reach exponentially.

3. Cost-Effective Marketing

While the initial investment in creating a virtual tour may require analysis, the long-term benefits and reuse potential make it a very cost-effective marketing tool. Once created, a virtual tour can serve an unlimited number of users without additional costs, unlike physical tours which require staff and can only handle a limited number of visitors.

4. Competitive Edge

Offering a virtual tour can set a business apart from competitors who do not provide this option. It shows potential customers that the company is forward-thinking and committed to using technology to enhance customer service. This can be a decisive factor for customers comparing options in a competitive market.

5. Improved Online Presence

Virtual tours can improve a business’s online presence by increasing the time visitors spend on its website. This longer engagement is positively recognized by search engines, which can improve the site’s search engine optimization (SEO) ranking, leading to more organic traffic and increased visibility.

6. Integration with Other Marketing Strategies

Virtual tours can be easily integrated with other digital marketing strategies. For instance, they can be included in email marketing campaigns, shared on social media platforms, or linked within blog posts. This integration helps create a cohesive and interactive marketing experience.

7. Better Communication of Offerings

For complex or expansive offerings, such as large real estate properties, educational campuses, or intricate products, virtual tours can communicate value and features more effectively than photographs or descriptions alone. They allow businesses to highlight key selling points and unique features dynamically and interactively.

8. Reduction in Pre-Sale Questions

By providing a comprehensive view of their offerings, businesses can significantly reduce the number and complexity of pre-sale questions from potential customers. This leads to a more streamlined sales process, with customers feeling more confident and informed before they make contact.

9. Real-Time Updates and Customizations

Virtual tours can be updated and customized based on business needs and customer feedback. New features can be highlighted, areas can be updated, and seasonal decorations can be showcased, all without the need for a complete reshoot.

10. Enhanced Customer Trust

By allowing potential customers to explore their offerings virtually, businesses can build trust and credibility. Customers appreciate transparency and the ability to verify that what they are seeing online matches what they will experience in person.

11. Multi Market Appeal for Customers

Virtual tours are used in a variety of markets from Real Estate, Leasing Management, Commercial Real Estate, Manufacturing, Tourism, Construction, and Industrial just to name a few.  As this technology expands and awareness of the availability of these virtual tours increases customers and potential clients will begin to expect the best and more forward thinking companies to have tours in place of their capabilities and offerings.  It will become the new gold standard for all companies.

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Mobile 360 Tour

What We Do

We bring your business to life on customers phones and computers utilizing 360 degree photography to build Virtual Tours.

As a Virtual Tour Company we use 360 degree virtual tour photography to let customers visit your store through the web in a series of highly detailed 360 images they can “walk through”.  This extreme detail allows them to “get a feel” for your space, as though they are standing right there.  This establishes more trust and confidence in your business, and puts you head and shoulders above your competition. When they reach a buying decision, you are the natural choice.  Whether you are looking for a google business tour or a 360 virtual tour photographer to highlight your business the Bouncing Butterfly 360 virtual tour creator company is here to help.   Let’s get started today getting your leasing management or other business the attention it deserves with our Virtual Tour Services.  360 degree photography in Charlotte, NC , Spartanburg, SC and Greenville, SC will give you an edge over your competitors. 

Real Estate Photography
Bringing your space to life

Capturing Spaces, Crafting Experiences: A Journey in Real Estate Photography with Bouncing Butterfly.

Virtual Tour Creation

Our expert team leverages the latest technology to bring spaces to life, offering viewers an unparalleled virtual experience. Trust us to elevate your project with visuals that engage, inspire, and convert. Contact us today to transform your space into a captivating virtual experience

360 Photography

Whether you’re looking to showcase a property, enhance your business’s online presence, or capture a space in stunning detail, we provide tailored solutions to meet your needs. Our passion for visual storytelling and commitment to quality sets us apart, making us the go-to choice for real estate professionals, businesses, and anyone looking to add a new dimension to their visual assets.

Commercial Real Estate Photography

We’re passionate about harnessing the power of photography and virtual tour technology to create captivating visual experiences. Our commitment to quality, innovation, and client satisfaction has made us the go-to choice for businesses and individuals looking to showcase their spaces in the best possible light.

Google Trusted Photographer

We are a Google Street View Trusted Photographer.

Google and Facebook LOVE 360 Photography.  This is one of our specialties.  Give us a call and lets use this powerful tool to get your business the attention it deserves!  360 Photos can be very beneficial in your local seo and search engine marketing campaigns. Click here to learn more about our 360 Photography Services including virtual tour photography. We can also assist you with Google Street View ToursStreet View is an online application from Google that can be very beneficial for your business.


Bouncing Butterfly, LLC History

In the world of real estate photography, the essence of a space is not just in its physical structure but in the story it tells through its design, texture, and ambiance. For over two decades, Bouncing Butterfly, LLC has been bringing these stories to life through photography, and for the past 7 years with real estate photography and virtual tour creation services. With a rich legacy rooted in architectural interior photography, our journey is one of innovation, passion, and a deep understanding of the spaces we capture.

Our Foundation: A Blend of Art and Technology

Bouncing Butterfly, LLC was founded on the principle that every home has a unique narrative waiting to be unveiled. With over 20 years of experience in architectural interior photography, we have honed our craft, understanding the intricate play of light, shadow, and angles that best represent the interior elegance of your home. 

Virtual Tours: A Gateway to Immersive Experiences

The advent of virtual tour technology marked a pivotal moment in our journey, allowing us to transcend traditional boundaries of space and time. Our virtual tours are more than just panoramic images stitched together; they are immersive experiences designed to engage and captivate. By seamlessly integrating our architectural photography expertise with cutting-edge virtual tour technology, we offer our clients a unique blend of realism and convenience. Users can explore spaces from anywhere in the world, feeling the texture of the materials, appreciating the craftsmanship of the design, and envisioning themselves within the space-all with a few clicks.

The Bouncing Butterfly, LLC Difference: Expertise, Precision, Passion

Expertise Built on Experience: Our two decades of experience in architectural photography provide us with an unparalleled understanding of how to best showcase interior spaces. This depth of knowledge ensures that every virtual tour we create is not just visually stunning but also architecturally accurate and emotionally resonant.

Passion for Innovation: At Bouncing Butterfly Creative, we are driven by a passion for pushing the boundaries of what is possible. We continuously explore new technologies and techniques to enhance our virtual tours, ensuring that we offer the most engaging and immersive experiences available today. Our team’s passion for architecture and photography fuels our commitment to excellence and innovation.

Our Services: Tailored to Your Needs

Virtual Tour Creator: Every space has its unique challenges and requirements. We offer custom virtual tour solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of your property, whether it’s a residential home, a commercial establishment, or an architectural landmark. Our tours are designed to be interactive and user-friendly, making it easy for viewers to navigate and explore.

Real Estate Photography: Our roots in architectural interior photography ensure that we capture the true essence of your home. We offer professional photography services that can stand alone or complement your virtual tour, providing a comprehensive visual package that showcases your property in its best light.

Interactive Features and Integration: Our virtual tours come with a variety of interactive features, including hotspots, information points, and integrated floor plans, enhancing the user experience and providing valuable information. We also ensure that our tours are easily integrated into your website, social media, or any other digital platform, maximizing your reach and engagement.

Why Choose Bouncing Butterfly Creative?

  • Unrivaled Expertise: With over 20 years of experience, we bring a level of skill and understanding unmatched in the industry.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology: We utilize the latest virtual tour and photography equipment to ensure high-quality, immersive experiences.
  • Customized Solutions: Our services are tailored to meet the unique needs and goals of each client, ensuring personalized attention and results.
  • Commitment to Quality: From planning to post-production, our team is dedicated to delivering excellence at every step.
  • Proven Track Record: Our portfolio speaks for itself, with hundreds of successful projects across a wide range of spaces and industries
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Google Street View Trusted

Bouncing Butterfly is a Google Street View Trusted Photographer. We can help you leverage the power of Google Maps for your local small business. Whether it is 360 Virtual Tour Photography or the need for a Google Tour creator in Spartanburg SC we are here to help! Let's get started today.


When searching for businesses, consumers use mapping products 44% of the time.

On average, 41% of these place searches result in
an on-site visit.

Listings with photos and a virtual tour are twice as likely
to generate interest.

Source: Google Study