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About us

Bouncing Butterfly, LLC

Our staff members setup their 1st website 25 years ago.  It took almost 2 weeks to put the website together. It was the same year the concept for Google came in to being, though Google was not officially formed until 2 years later.  Over the years we have helped many businesses with their websites and marketing. 

Across those 25 years we have always had passions for computers and technology. We know it’s not very exciting to most, but for us the ability to help a fellow business owner grow their business and make a difference for their family and community is one of the most exciting things in the world.  We love to help others, and now we are here to help you. 


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Over 230 Completed projects & Still counting

With over 230 completed projects we have the experience and talent to meet your needs today!  From local SEO for small businesses, to Website Optimization, to Virtual Tour creation we have the tools and experience to get your local small business the attention is deserves.  If you are looking to have Spartanburg seo experts work with you on this, you have come to the right place.


Most frequent questions and answers

Google likes to see that you are engaged with your customers and the Spartanburg community.  It is one more element that helps to build that trust we like to talk about so much.  But does that have to involve a blog…not necessarily.  We need to be able to share your businesses activities, expertise and other things that make your business stand out.  We do this to set you apart from your competitors and to maximize your SEO Spartanburg investment.   However, let us take the worry of how to accomplish that off your mind.  That’s one of our jobs when we become your internet marketing services provider.  You focus on taking care of your customers!

We look forward to a long relationship with our new customers.  We do this by working hard for you everyday.  We work on month to month pricing, with no long term commitment from you.  If you don’t see and feel the value (new prospects calling you and reaching out) we are adding to your business we are not the right seo Spartanbarg SC provider for you.

Our customers typically start seeing and feeling increased activity in their business within 45 days.  The phone starts to ring more, and you are getting more quotes out to customers.  You will often see more of the type of customer that is the most profitable for your business as well.  One of the advantages of using local seo in spartanburg is the ability to focus in on these types of customers.

Sometimes it might take a little longer, but we will communicate with you every 2 weeks to show you the results of what we are doing behind the scenes.  We have a tried and true system that consistently gives our customers results.  We have taken many companies to the 1st page for national search engine results.  For a local business that does good work for its customers it’s just a mater of time.

Yes, there are other search engines out out there.  Bing, and Yahoo! are just a couple of them.   But lets face it, when most people search for a business they need services from, they search on Google.  They look at the top three results in the Map Pack (Where we will get you!) and contact one or two of those. 

The great thing is the approach we use works across the entire internet, and is built for the future as well.  As a mater of fact you will often see quicker climbs in rankings on other search enigines with the work we do as a digital marketing agency. 

Social Media Marketing is a great tool for local small businesses. We highly recommend you engage in these platforms.  However, we find the fastest way to see a return on your digital marketing investment is to increase your organic rankings on search engines the right way.   

We recommend you hire seasoned professionals so you will stop losing customers (who probably can’t find you) to your competitors as soon as possible.  However, if you have to give them a chance, give them the same 60 days we ask for.  After that come back and see us, we will be here waiting to help you! 

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