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Bouncing Butterfly, LLC is a Google Trusted Photographer.  We specialize in 360 degree photography in Greenville SC.  We are proud of our proficiency with this powerful tool to get attention for your local small business. From Virtual Tour Creator, to Google tour builder, our services focus on getting your business the attention it deserves, and bringing more customers in your door.

We use 360 Degree Business Photography to solve real world problems.

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360 Photography

We are a Google Trusted Photographer. 360 degree Photography in Greenville SC lets customers visit your business virtually and get comfortable before they contact you


Virtual Tours

360 Photos can be connected together to create Virtual "Walk Thru" of your local small business. This gives you instant authority across many platforms.

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The equipment we use is Google Street View recommended. This gives you maximum exposure in the Google Maps platforms.

Google Trusted Photographer

We are a Google Street View Trusted Photographer.

Google and Facebook LOVE 360 Photography.  This is one of our specialties.  Give us a call and lets use this powerful tool to get your business the attention it deserves!  360 Photos can be very beneficial in your local seo and search engine marketing campaigns. Click here to learn more about our 360 Photography Services including virtual tour photography. We can also assist you with Google Street View ToursStreet View is an online application from Google that can be very beneficial for your business.


360 Degree Photography
for Commercial

Commercial facilities in Greenville SC are ideal spaces for 360° Photography.  These 360 degree photos allow potential customers, tenants, or short term renters to quickly asses the business or available space for their specific needs.  The availability of a quick Virtual walk through can help commercial businesses stand out from their competitors, and get more attention and bookings in a world of quick decisions.   If you are serious about your business, and want to put your best foot forward to potential clients, you need 360° photography.   As a Google Tour creator we have the experience and tools to bring your business to life. If you need to get attention for your small business, you can also learn more about our Local SEO services by clicking here.

360 Degree Photography
for Manufacturing and Industrial Facilities

Many manufacturing facilities and industrial facilities use 360° Photos and virtual tours to document their facility for safety compliance and insurance requirements.  As a 360 degree photographer in Greenville SC we can help you with the creation of these photos.  360 photography can be used to familiarize first responders with busy plants or hazardous facilities.  This can also include the creation and upkeep of safety plans that incorporate 360 degree photography and virtual tours.

Bouncing Butterfly can provide Google Tour builder services to combine 360 photos for creating resources for Employee Orientation in busy manufacturing plants.  This allows new employees an opportunity to see the requirements and environment of the manufacturing plant without interfering with the operation at peak times. 

360 Photography and Video can also be useful for documenting manufacturing processes and creating SOPs.

360 Degree Photography
for Construction

360° Photography is very useful in the construction industry in Greenville SC.  It can be used to document building progress over time, and allow owners to monitor the status of their projects without having to physically visit the site.  As a Google trusted photographer, we can combine these 360 Photos into “Virtual Tours” that allow stake holders to “walk” the site from anywhere in the world on their computer. 

These photographs can be very useful in confirming that contractual requirements have been met. Bouncing Butterfly can work with you to create a custom package to meet your specific 360º Construction Photo needs, on a schedule that is both useful and economical. 

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Our 360 degree photography service helps your business stand out from your competitors.  We give your business an unfair advantage.  Please go here to learn more about Google Street View.

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