Chapman Cultural Center

The idea behind the Chapman Cultural Center in Spartanburg SC was to create a place for the community to appreciate the arts and also for them to showcase their arts. Chapman is both a cultural and entertainment destination and houses 8 local non-profit organizations in arts, science and humanities. There are lots of events and exhibitions at the center in visual and performing arts, history and science which offer amazing cultural experience.

Each year hundreds of intriguing kites fill the Spartanburg air courtesy of the Spartanburg Soaring Kites festival. The festival stirs inventiveness and endorses healthy open-air activity as well as building public conceit. It involves cultural awareness and promotes lively play through the shared subject of kites. It is open to all and does attract international kite flyers from Asia, Europe and across the US. This is normally a free event. At the festival, there are also entertainers, food vendors, community organizations and regional artisans, who are usually incorporated to sell their merchandise there. And in doing so, the growth of local businesses and artists is really supported.

Seeing a live dance performance is just so magical. One only gets to experience the stories told through dance by watching live performances. Live performances of dance, be it ballet, ballroom, praise dance or African dance, frequent the Chapman Cultural Center theater as well as the city’s streets. Watching dance stimulates people’s memories and helps put the community together. Dance groups such as Ballet Spartanburg in conjunction with other local and regional dancers do have performance events time and again and are always open to the public to come to appreciate them.

Playing and listening to music is magnificent, and it constructs a sense of identity. Music stimulates folks from diverse ethos to dance and express how they feel. Groups and individual, local and international musicians are normally invited to perform at live concerts, theater and street performances organized by the cultural center. The Spartanburg Philharmonic Orchestra and Spartanburg Music Trail are some of the groups that participate in these activities. A diverse genre of music such as hip hop, jazz, classical, blues, country, gospel, soul, rock n roll and so on are performed. Furthermore, local businesses get promoted during the organized street performances and concerts because they draw traffic to downtown.

For years now, campy musicals, plays and monologues, enthralling dramas and rib-cracking comedies have offered cultural vibrancy to the Spartanburg community. The combination of singing, dancing and acting gives both children and family audiences an amazing cultural experience. Spartanburg Little Theater, Spartanburg Repertory Opera and Spartanburg Youth Theater are some of the organizations that have been on the front line to bring these to the community. Productions such as Mamma Mia, Sister Act, Heathers, Grace for president, A Night at Studio 54, symphonies, operas et cetera have been performed live on stage to tell stories and their lessons.

The public is always invited to the center to enjoy viewing local culture. The Spartanburg Science Center, Spartanburg Art Museum, Spartanburg Regional History Museum, the Students Gallery and the Artists Guild of Spartanburg Gallery always exhibit their collections of arts, scientific specimens, historic objects, and living zoological specimens. These exhibits display the stories of how the nation, the community and the culture came into being. There are events where people are given hands-on opportunities to create arts and also to get creative at art studios with the free provision of materials. Crafts activities also take place courtesy of Hub City Empty Bowls where people are invited to make pottery bowls free of charge with the provision of free materials and the proceeds of the same used to feed hungry locals. Live concerts and the sale of artists’ wares also take place during such events.

Wine has its place in society. Spartanburg SC has several wineries that were established back in the 1800s and which still produce the best. The wineries do offer wine tasting to the public to have an experience of the enjoyable, matured and considerately presented wines that they produce. This activity helps people in understanding the wine in their glasses as well as getting to know the history of wine in the region. During these events, people get to learn from fellow tasters and make new friends with fellows who have a similar interest in wine.

Altogether, engaging in cultural activities is important as it helps with finding out about cultures and can help people understand their own prejudices and feelings. Culture affords vital social and economic benefits besides its fundamental worth. Therefore, maintaining a cultural legacy gives an indisputable link to the past.

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