Digital Marketing - Spartanburg SC. How can it help your small business?


So why should you be interested in Digital Marketing in Spartanburg, SC for your small business?  I remember the 1st time I bought an ad in the yellow pages in Atlanta, Ga many years ago. Yes it was the big thick yellow book that we pick on now! A $4,500 investment in marketing my small business at the time was a heavy blow. And what was my return on investment during that following year? I think I may have received 3 calls from the ad. Looking back it may have paid for itself in new business, but at the time I wasn’t so sure. Now please understand, my business was a little different than most. I sold very niche products, and most of my customers were Universities and Public Libraries, but that ad purchase set my mind to work for what was to come. 

I wanted to find a better more efficient way to reach customers. At that time we didn’t have many choices available to us. I used cold calls, referrals, and snail-mail channels to get my message out. It was a great deal of hard laborious expensive work.  I spent tens of thousands of dollars on brochures, case studies, and trade shows to get my name out, and stay in front of my potential customers. 

Around that time websites for the general public were starting to come into being.  Yahoo had started up about six months prior, but Google was still a couple of years in the future before they would come into being.  Things like AOL were very hot, and more and more people were connecting to the internet.  I spent my “personal” time after working 50-60 hours a week in my small business setting up my first website.  It was one page with my company’s story, a few pictures, a very fancy background and music.  Yes background music. Background music has died away for the most part, but at the time it was very high tech. It probably took me two weeks (80 hours over a couple of months) of my free time to set the website up.  But it was the best investment I ever made, and it paid for itself over and over again for years to come. 

Fortunately now we live in the digital age. In local markets with the right tools and expertise you can can effect the path of your business in a couple of days and get new customers using Pay-Per-Click or Facebook ads. The phones start ringing and everything is great until the ad money runs out and your campaign ends. Hopefully you have made enough profits on the business to feed back into the machine and start the process all over again. But did you know a majority of people won’t click on an ad? How many? It’s well over 50%, probably north of 70%. So what happens to all those potential customers? That’s where Spartanburg SEO comes in.

When Search Engine Optimization is practiced correctly you are sharing your business story with search engines, and telling them what your company is about. You are giving the search engines what they are looking for.  Honest information in a format they can understand and find.  When your story is complete and open, search engines love you, and they are happy to share your story with the world.  Perhaps even at the top of their rankings!  When you are sharing a complete open story, your business rises above it’s competitors in the “organic” rankings.  These organic ranking are what you find below the “Ads” on most search engine results.  These organic rankings are typically where most people go to get honest information, because they do not want to be influenced by ads. 

Bouncing Butterfly works to help the businesses we partner with share their story in a way that the search engines can find, understand, and reward.  Unfortunately if we already work with one of your competitors in your market we will not be able to partner with you.  However, if we do not yet cover your market and your keywords, we will be happy to take a look at your information, and give you an honest assessment of whether we can help you with your digital marketing or not.  If you are looking for more customers, please reach out to us today!

If you are in the area, make sure to stop by the Kings Mountain National Military Park.  It is a great piece of our history.

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