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The BMW Zentrum which is located adjacent to the BMW plant is more than just a museum. It is a BMW informational and educational Center and has a gallery, a café, and a gift shop. Here, one gets the opportunity to see technical exhibits, and old BMW motorcycles, aircraft engines, cars and model autos. Then there is the behind the scenes tour experience where visitors are able to see a vehicle being made from scratch. Entrance to the Zentrum only requires a nominal fee, and it attracts visitors from all over the United States of America, it being the only BMW plant in the nation. This is an exceptional place to visit especially for people who are interested in cars. Moreover, the over 10000 BMW employees and visitors are well served by the local businesses near the plant. So visitors in need of restaurants will never fail to find a place to get some service.

The botanical gardens are so fascinating. These gardens are used to display the various plant species to the public and are always used for learning purposes. They are also good recreational grounds for the relaxation they offer visitors. The 12 acre Hatcher Garden and Woodland preserve features a series of ponds, mature trees, and butterflies and there exists a 20 feet man-made waterfall and stream. Garden rooms are also available all over the woodlands and these offer a variety of scenery as well as a wildflower hillside, a water wise demo garden, a healing garden, a gift shop and nursery. There is also the garden of hope and healing that is located in the center of the city. It offers solace to people who need it like the hospice and cancer patients together with their caregivers.

Spartanburg city has numerous parks and recreational grounds. This includes the Croft State Park which is 7000 acres of systematic, woody environment. And it is located at the US army basic training center during world-war II. Activities that take place at the park include swimming and picnicking, fishing and boating, biking and hiking paths, a play area and camping. There is also the Cleveland Park which is a lakeside park located at the historic center of Spartanburg. It is home to John B. Cleveland Center, walking trails, picnic shelters, pond and a playground. Being a lakeside park, an auditorium and a waterfront exist on the water. Other parks available in Spartanburg include 295 park, Barnet Park and Arkwright Park.

The Glendale Shoals preserves showcases the amazing remains of an old 1800s mill that burned down in 2004, several years after its closure. It consists of 13 acres of land located at old Glendale mill on Lawson Fork Creek. A waterfall that flows over a dam, the mill dam itself, an ancient iron bridge as well as a trial where hiking and biking occur, is attractive. Depending on the water level on Lawson Fork Creek, visitors can go down to the shoals to have a different view of the water as it falls. The time-honored mill store building now houses the masonic lodge and U.S post office.

Lovers of local history can consider paying a visit to Spartanburg County Regional Museum of History. It is located at Chapman Center and contains mesmerizing historic facts and artifacts. The displays tell the history of Spartanburg from the period of Spanish explorers through both World War I and II, and beyond. There are always new things to learn because there is a three months exhibit rotation with focusing on a diversity of topics connecting to regional history.

The list of attractions in Spartanburg SC is endless. Spartanburg and South Carolina in general never fails to amaze. A visit to Spartanburg is an endless exploration. And it is also fair that visitors shop at local businesses as this promotes them and other businesses in the locality.


Spartanburg SC name is believed to have been adopted from the Spartan Regiment, which was formed in September of 1775 in what was then known as the Upper Saluda District. The regiment was distinguished in it’s performance throughout the American Revolution.

The Regiment, in previous wars with the Indians, had undergone trials and sacrifices which justly entitled them to this time-honored name. Like the ancient Spartans, they were exposed to many hardships. Around September of 1775, the Regiment was assembled and their 1st leader was John Thomas, who became its Colonel. This regiment was made up of men from the upcountry. The regiment, loaded with supplies from Fort Charlotte, was ready for engagement. In December of 1775, it participated in the “Snow Campaign.”

Spartanburg County, South Carolina has a proud Revolutionary War history. The county has more Revolutionary War sites of engagement than almost any other area in the United States. The fiercely independent upstate settlers rallied ‘round the cause’ at an early stage.

In July 1776 news came of a British fleet at Charleston, and the Cherokee Indians moved across the frontier bringing destruction. The whites settlers fled to forts, but hundreds of settlers in border areas were killed before a counterattack could be organized. In early 1777, the Spartan Regiment was split into two groups.

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