Wofford College

Wofford College was founded in 1854 as a liberal arts college in Spartanburg, SC. The area around the college is vibrant with local businesses and restaurants. Other colleges are located in the City of Spartanburg, and visitors flock there to enjoy the sports and cultural activities they offer.

The college is recognized as a national arboretum and occupies a large block of land. The conservatory is covered with many acres of trees hence providing a green environment in what is mostly an urban setting.

The campus is affiliated with the Methodist church. William Wightman was Wofford’s first college President, and he presided over the cornerstone ceremony in 1851. The first building was completed in 1854, and first-class was admitted consisting of seven young men.

The first building of the college was constructed by skilled carpenters. Ephraim Clayton of Asheville, N.C supervised construction. The records and modern day campus reflect the beautiful work the carpenters performed.

During the Civil War, the college suffered many setbacks as professors and students lost their lives. The dark moments didn’t stop president Dr. James H. Carlisle, a former mathematics and astronomy professor, from reconstructing the institution.

Under the tenure of Dr. Carlisle, Wofford College expanded. The first class of women was conferred with degrees in 1901. By 1909 the Methodist church added it’s support to the College.

Wofford was the first private college in South Carolina to be recognized with a chapter of the Phi Beta Kappa honor society . It was awarded in 1941.

When World War 2 broke out many students were deployed in the United States Army. The college served as a temporary training camp. When the war ended, there was a high enrollment of students courtesy of G.I. Bill. The number of students increased significantly.

The college offers bachelor’s degrees from major fields of studies: medicine, law, and commerce. It’s focus is on promoting a liberal arts education that equips students to relate well with society. Students are trained to have exceptional character and excellent leadership qualities. Additionally, the college offers pre-professional programs in education, law, medicine, pharmacy, and veterinary science.

The institution is known for its co-curriculum activities. The college has a strong program in athletics. Wofford is a member of NCAA Division I. They participate in various sports, including; football, basketball, baseball, tennis, and golf. Their colors are old gold and black, and they are a member of the Southern Conference.

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